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End Trafficking Now is very excited to become a strategic partner with GREEN CITY RECYCLER!!! Effective 1/1/16, ETN will be working daily with GCR, driving and receiving consistent monthly donations that ETN will liaison to our 3 Austin partners combating human trafficking.  As our awareness and marketing efforts increase, we will be able to consistently channel donations on a monthly basis to these deeply established Austin nonprofits fighting this horrific trade.  The image on right is the front of each green donation container.

For more information on Green City Recycler, please visit their website at

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As many of you are aware, we have been providing donation funding to RST for several months now, and we are pleased to announce that we are adding Redeemed Ministries to our monthly donation channel!  As we continue to grow, we are now able to keep funds channeled directly to RST and are so excited to add Redeemed Ministries to monthly funding!!

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“Thank you so much because these donations are amazing. We’ve already re-vamped how we receive donations, so we have basically cut out the wait time, and can use the funds immediately. I can explain it more in person soon. We’ve also been plugging ETN/GCR at every presentation and in weekly emails. It’s like helping them, helps us. So, hopefully you’ve seen a surplus.  Hope to catch up in person soon!”

David Fairchild   Outreach || Case Aide || Survivors of Trafficking Empowerment Program || Refugee Services of Texas

As of this November, our monthly donations from our Pods has doubled in the last few months which means the funds channeled to RST and Redeemed have grown significantly!  According to the RST Grants Administrator in August, we had helped 28 new survivors in the first 6 months of funding!!  When combining our funds to Redeemed since July, best accurate estimates are most likely over 100 survivors we have helped since our inception of funds in March of 2016!!  This absolutely thrills ETN and it’s staff and is larger than anticipated!  These are current rescue victims in the Central TX area!  We have been able to allocate thousands of dollars to directly help and assist survivors of this horrific trade.